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Free express shipping on all order above $100.00
Free express shipping on all order above $100.00

Chateau | 23cm Dinner Knife

Colour: Metallic

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The stunning Chateau collection celebrates geometry, practicality and balance. Cutlery sets are available in matte black, brass & metallic, complementing a full range of décor styles. Available in sets of 12 or singular.

Use and Care of Cutlery

Avoid Soaking: Soaking will speed up corrosion, it will be particularly obvious in salt solution and acidic material. Dry the cutlery quickly after use, cleaning for a long lasting performance.

Handwash: Avoid using abrasive scrubs or steel wire scourers in hand wash. Wash off any food remains as soon as possible with hot water and a neutral detergent.

Dishwasher: They are dishwasher safe but do not leave them in the dishwasher for a prolonged period of time. Remove and dry as long as the cycle ends.

Minimize Scratches: Try to use with care. They can scratch each other so as much as we want to use them casually, try not to stack them in dishwasher. 

Ageing: Surface patina will appear over time due to nature of the material.