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Free express shipping on all order above $100.00
Free express shipping on all order above $100.00


From a global standpoint, Loveramics is committed to positive business practices that actively support the environment and the people we work alongside. We recognise the need to constantly strive to do better in order to be as sustainable as possible.

The manufacturing process incorporates the traditional craftsmanship used by potters for thousands of years, combined with modern technology and innovation to continue to raise standards and efficiency.

responsibly sourced

The natural raw materials used to create Loveramics products are responsibly sourced, typically from suppliers who are local to the factory, reducing the impact of transportation as much as possible.

powered by renewables

The factory has solar panels installed on the roof, generating renewable electricity. Loveramics have also developed systems to collect and reuse surplus heat energy from the kilns, creating a more circular system to fire the ceramics.

sustainable manufacturing

The manufacturing process is as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible. The factory has its own on-site water recycling plant allowing for continuous use of the same water, reducing demand on local supply and the impact on nearby waste water infrastructure.

made to last

We don't subscribe to throwaway culture. Loveramics products are made to last a lifetime. While lower-quality alternatives may need replacing many times over, creating unnecessary waste and production impact.

The porcelain is fired to 1300°c, ensuring strength and durability, before applying brightly coloured glazes that come with a beautiful high-gloss finish.

recyclable packaging

We've been working hard on improving the sustainability of our packaging - not the easiest of tasks for a business who ships breakables around the country! In the coming months we will be able to offer plastic-free, recyclable packaging options across the majority of our key retail collections.

honouring tradition

Loveramics feel strongly about continuing the positive legacy of the potters who came before, with craftsmanship and handwork techniques dating back centuries.

While also adding 21st century digital modelling, computergenerated CADs in designs, and automatic machines to help increase efficiency. Click to discover how the Potters range pays homage to traditional glazing.

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