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Free express shipping on all order above $100.00
Meet the Designer: Simon Stevens

Meet the Designer: Simon Stevens

The man behind the beautiful Loveramics pottery, the mastermind that designed the collections. From the classic Ergo range, Bond cups and Brewers collections to the latest Chateau cutlery design, Simon Stevens has been designing for Loveramics since 2009. 

As well as his work with us, Simon lectures and teaches about ceramics across the UK, has work on permanent display at the V&A Museum and Frankfurt’s Museum of Contemporary and Applied Arts, and has created award-winning tableware collections.

Loveramics HK spoke to Simon about his design philosophy and his creation process.


Tell us about your design background.

I was originally trained in ceramic design, a training that allowed me to work across many disciplines giving me the opportunity to work with some of the World’s most prestigious ceramic manufacturers. I have also taught and lectured on the subject of ceramics design throughout the UK. I have headed up Design Teams for lifestyle brands and now continue my design career as the founder of the Simon Stevens Design Studio in London.

My most successful ranges are also part of the permanent collections of the V&A Museum and Frankfurt’s Museum of the Contemporary Applied Arts. 


How did your partnership with Loveramics come about? How do you work together?

William Lee, Loveramics' founder, knew of my work for Wedgwood and Sainsburys and when I first set up my design studio he initially asked me to design the tableware collection that became ‘Ergo!’ and we have been working together ever since.

Even though my studio is in London and Loveramics HQ is in Hong Kong distance is never been an issue. I am fortunate to travel twice a year to work with the Loveramics craftsman in their studios on new designs and William and I meet up several times throughout the year at exhibitions and for anything else Facetime and emails fill in the gaps. I know I am vey lucky with the relationship I have with William and Loveramics. William and I have worked together for many years and we have the same eye for ceramic design and product design in general which makes the design process very easy and the decision tree small.


Describe your creative process when designing a new range.

My design process is very simple and pragmatic. I am inspired by people’s interaction with everyday objects, so the marriage of form, function and aesthetics is integral in every design and should never get out of balance. I also try to build in an emotional component to each design to create connection to the user so that it becomes their ‘favourite’. I want my designs to be useful, beautiful to look at and easy for people to live with and enjoy.


What was the inspiration of Chateau?

I have always been a student of the history of cutlery design, respecting the tradition and integrating that into contemporary and relevant designs for today. My designs are always inspired by the interaction of the consumer, creating a design that both works and is aesthetically pleasing, walking the line between beauty and practicality.

From these first principles, designs often naturally present themselves. The final concept is therefore a combination of experience, intuition and inspiration. The central theme for the ‘Chateau’ collection is the purity of mathematical geometry. The circle has been employed in each element of the collection and then resolving how this element can be integrated into a clean geometric form while at the same time not compromising practicality or balance.

Take us through your typical design process.   

I start every design by drawing in my sketchbook to explore and resolve any variations to my initial thoughts.


Once I am satisfied with a clear direction to the design, I will then move onto CAD creating photorealistic images.

The next stage involves 3D printing the initial concepts. At this point I will review the 3D object and then revert back to sketching and drawing around this concept honing and refining all the time.

Finally these developments are realised into 3D surface data.


This is then used to manufacture the beautiful products you see in store/online!

To learn more about Simon's designs, head to the Loveramics Hong Kong site. Or visit the shop page to buy some his beautiful designs online. 

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