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Free express shipping on all order above $100.00
Free express shipping on all order above $100.00


NEW! Embossed Tasting Cups

Inspired by the amazing colour palette of Hong Kong's Rainbow Housing Estate, the Loveramics Embossed Tasting Cups come in 12 beautiful colours. The embossed collection aims to accentuate the flavour and aroma of your brew. 

In collaboration with 2023 World Barista Champion, Boram Um we welcome the latest addition to the Loveramics Embossed Tasting Cup collection. Crafted to enhance the sweetness of your coffee, the new Boram Tasting Cup delivers the ultimate sensory experience.


Available in 5 sizes: 80ml for espresso, and four larger sizes for drip coffee and milk-based drinks: 120ml, 150ml 200ml and 250ml.