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Free express shipping on all order above $100.00

Brewers | 150ml Floral Tasting Cup - Ink Collection

Colour: Black

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Comes in all 3 shapes of tasting cups in Floral, Sweet and Nutty, the update collection are made in a special glaze that’s truly artisanal. Inspired by Chinese Calligraphy, we let the glaze flow freely resulting in a wild, unpredictable finish.

These beautiful porcelain tasting cups are a great companion for specialty coffee drinkers. Featuring 3 different shaped cups, they allow you to taste through a range of coffee profiles with ease.

FLORAL: As the name suggests, the wide, flared opening is perfect for smelling the delicious aroma of floral coffees (think typical Ethiopian or Kenyan varietals). The thin edge also provides an elegant drinking experience.

Also available in nutty sweet or complete the set with the specialty jug.


  • special manufacturing process to make every piece unique
  • available in black and cobalt ink effects
  • Available in the classic 3 shapes of cups + jug for zen like brewing experience
  • No piece is the same
  • The Jug will fit our classic / flatbed dripper + our dripper stand, as well as drippers from other brands.


  • Length 8.25cm | Width 8.25cm | Height 6.35cm | Capacity 150ml

Packaging Configuration:

  • Open Stock
  • Inner Carton - 6 units - wholesale orders must be in multiples of 6.
  • Master Carton - 36 units (6 x 6pks).